How to Wow Your Clients With Next-Level Meeting Prep

Meetings are a chance to wow your clients — but prep and follow up can be time-consuming without the right tools
Tim Welsh
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February is ‘Fall In Love With Your Tech Stack’ month at Hubly! So far, we’ve spotlighted PreciseFP and interviewed Shauna Mace of SEI. In this post, we’re looking at another great addition to your tech stack — Pulse360.

The problem: Lack of standardized processes make meeting prep time-consuming and error-prone

For advisors, nothing is more important than face time with clients (whatever form it takes these days). Much of the money firms invest in software is done with the implicit goal of freeing up advisors to deliver high-touch client service. But while a typical tech stack will include lots of solutions for work that happens after a client meeting — like tax prep and investment planning — there’s one bottleneck that’s often overlooked: client meetings themselves. 

Even with a well-maintained CRM and a stack of integrations, the average advisor may spend up to 80% of their time on scheduling, reviewing and re-keying notes, among other admin tasks. All of which has a downstream effect on service — every hour spent on admin is an hour that could be spent with a client instead. 

Why Meetings Matter

A meeting with a client is an opportunity to wow a client. When you wow your clients, you not only improve retention, you attract new leads through referrals. And when those referrals sit down with you for the first time, that ‘wow’ factor will increase the chance you’ll win their business, too. 

So what does it take to deliver a meeting with the ‘wow’ factor? Planning and follow up. Ahead of time, you should set an agenda and share it with your client. Come in knowledgeable about their needs, with options ready for them to consider. Afterwards, touching base to recap what you discussed shows the client they’re still top of mind for you. And finally, you’ll want to make sure any action items that come out of the meeting are completed. 

In other words, there’s a lot of admin that goes into a great meeting. And with advisors constantly trying to fit more clients into their days, it’s easy for things to be overlooked.

So, how do you keep delivering the ‘wow’ factor as your firm grows? 

The Solution: Pulse360

Pulse360 is a software that helps you shine in front of your clients or prospects. By automating and streamlining your entire meeting lifecycle, including preparation for client review meetings, note-taking and follow-up, you can demonstrate to your clients that you are fully attuned to their needs and priorities. No more running around with a list of tasks before or after a meeting.

As a financial advisor, consistency is important. With Pulse360, you can easily review past notes and build a personalized agenda using powerful out-of-the-box templates. There are also templates for after-the-meeting summary communications, and the company’s exclusive AI Writer to help you write better and faster.

In other words, before, during and after a meeting, Pulse360 automates some of the most time-consuming, error-prone parts of daily admin — freeing up your time to focus on client service, and helping you stand out by showing your value to clients.


EzraGroup WealthTech Integration Score: 7.50 satisfaction score: 6.7

Pricing: Starts at $29/month

Alternatives: Dictation software (such as CopyTalk, Mobile Assistant)

Why we love it: Seamless integration with your CRM; helpful templates reduce time spent on admin.
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