Five Creative Marketing Strategies For Financial Advisors
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Five Creative Marketing Strategies For Financial Advisors

Financial advisors need to go above and beyond to communicate their value to clients. Here are five creative ideas to help you stand out from other firms.
Theodore Stavetski
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An innovative financial advisor marketing strategy can engage your target audience and build a stronger brand presence. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Start a newsletter

A newsletter is one of the best financial advisor marketing strategies you can implement. You have a considerable amount of expertise and a pulse on the industry — why not share this information with potential clients? With a custom newsletter, you can:

  • Retarget website visitors
  • Market to interested prospects
  • Stay top-of-mind with existing clients
  • Fill your blog and improve your website’s SEO

To get started, first, decide what type of content you want to include in your newsletter. You might want to focus on industry news, market updates, investment strategies or financial tips, for example — generally, what’s most interesting for you to write about will also be interesting for your readers.  

From there, set a schedule of when and how often you want to send out your newsletter, design it in a way that aligns with your brand and appeals to your target audience (consider using a template you can repurpose every month), and include a call-to-action somewhere to encourage readers to contact you to learn more. 

Grow your following on lesser-known social media channels

Let’s face it, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are teeming with financial advice (most of it bad). While these sites can be tough to break into, there’s plenty of room to make an impression on other lesser-known social media channels. For example: 

  1. TikTok: You don’t have to dance, but if you’re comfortable in front of the camera, TikTok is a great platform for sharing financial advice and market insights, or answering frequently asked questions — you might even go viral!
  1. Reddit: Reddit’s r/personalfinance, r/investing/ and related forums are all great places to connect organically with investors. The only downside — most forums aren’t state-specific, so you’ll need to be selective about where you’re most active. 
  1. Quora: Quora is filled with questions related to personal finance and investing that are waiting to be answered. It’s a great chance to establish yourself — a quick search will likely reveal multiple opportunities to share your expertise.
  1. Clubhouse: Clubhouse is an up-and-coming social network where you can host rooms related to financial planning, investing or other topics relevant to your business. 

The benefit to using these platforms is that (possibly with the exception of TikTok) compared to Facebook and Twitter, there’s a lot less noise — it can be much easier to break through and connect with potential clients.

Get away from Google and Facebook ads

This brings us to our next point, which is specifically about paid media (ads). Here we see the same issues — a lot of advisors competing on the big platforms for a limited amount of attention. 

If you’re looking to spend money on paid advertising, Facebook and Google Ads are the biggest and most popular networks. However, there are plenty of other platforms that all have unique offerings and less competition:

  1. Taboola: This content discovery platform helps publishers and advertisers reach their target audience by promoting their content on various websites and mobile apps that are part of the Taboola network.
  1. AdRoll: Although it’s geared towards eCommerce, this digital advertising platform can help advertise your services across various channels, including web, social media and email.

Offer a free community workshop

The best financial advisor marketing strategies offer something of value for free. And what’s more valuable than your expert advice? Leveraging your expertise in the form of a free educational workshop, webinar or lunch-and-learn is an excellent way to engage with prospective clients.

But it’s important to choose your topic wisely to make sure the right people attend. Here, you want to look back at the work you’ve done in creating a marketing plan and think of workshops that would appeal to your ideal audience. 

Targeting millennials? A student loan restructuring workshop is a great way to get their attention. If you typically work with tech-savvy entrepreneurs, you might want to piggyback on trending topics like AI to discuss how to use ChatGPT to create a budget. Finally, if you want to work with DIY-type investors, consider running a “How To” course for navigating the latest investing craze (NFTs, “Meme Stocks”, etc.) and explain why they might be a good or bad investment. 

The possibilities are practically limitless; the next step, which is often the hardest part, is knowing where to promote it. Again, depending on your audience, you could reach out to local libraries or community centers, alumni associations, or clubs; you could also invest in digital ads, or even good old fashioned flyers. 

Hit the podcast circuit

These days it seems like every advisor and their dog has a podcast. Unless you have a really unique idea, we don’t suggest you join them. But you can jump on the podcast bandwagon as a guest! 

Content producers are always looking for interesting experts to talk to. Do some research into the top podcasts in your area and volunteer to be interviewed. It doesn’t have to be limited to personal finance, either —  money is such an omnipresent factor in our lives that even more general interest programs may want to speak to you, if you can pitch them a compelling idea. Think back to your target audience and look for stories that may appeal to them. 

Best of all, if you do make it on a podcast, you can reuse clips in your advertising and email outreach!

Final Thoughts: Effective Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

The best marketing strategies for you will be specific to your firm and its value proposition. However, marketing takes time, and the more you can automate your marketing activities, the more time you’ll have to dedicate to client service. If you’d like to learn how Hubly’s workflows can help with this, book a quick strategy call with one of our experts.

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