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How James Used Hubly to Smash Through the Barriers Preventing Business Growth

Meet James

James Phillips is the founder of Phillips Financial, a fast-growing financial advisory firm headquartered in Florida. James specializes in investment and estate planning to help his clients protect, grow, and distribute their wealth. 

Beyond being an experienced financial advisor, James has a strong understanding of what it takes to grow a business. He has a passion for servicing the mass-market customer with no minimums and is driven to scale his firm to compete with large enterprises. He aims to serve his clients with an incredible experience by ensuring his team is enabled with the technology needed to scale, while still providing a high-touch service to every single client.

The Challenge

As a team of two, Phillips Financial was turning down over 20 new clients per month because they had a limited onboarding capacity of 4 clients per week. James didn’t have the team, technology, or processes in place in order to support the growth that he wanted for his firm. As a result, James estimates that his firm was losing out on a $15K monthly revenue increase per month. He needed a way to increase his firm’s onboarding capacity to keep up with the demand for their services without foregoing the client care and effective processes he had worked so hard to develop over the years.

“My firm was growing at such a fast pace that I was worried about dropping the ball. I had post-it notes everywhere, pieces of paper I was writing lists on, and I was trying to use the current CRM’s and their workflows, but they just didn’t work for us.

James worried about things falling through the cracks and knew he needed a better solution if he wanted to scale.

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