Meet the Hubler

Cooper Shubert

Cooper has worn many hats in his 10+ year financial services career. After starting out at a large broker-dealer, he transitioned to the RIA space, where he worked in client service, paraplanning, operations and practice management. He comes to Hubly after successfully implementing the software in his own firm, and seeing firsthand the impact it can have.
Customer Training Lead

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We sat down with
to ask
a few questions...
Why do you think people should be interested in joining Hubly?

I was a Hubly client prior to joining the team and had always been impressed with the people I was interacting with. I assumed that it had to have been a great place to work and I was right! The Hubly people are one of the best parts of being a part of the team. I came in and felt like I had been working with everyone for years with how well I was instantly involved and valued.

What’s the most unique part about working at Hubly?

There is no job too small for someone. There is nothing that I am doing that wasn’t actively done (or still is being done) by our co-founders Louis or Ron at some point. When something needs to get done, it’s not a matter of who owns it, it’s a matter of who can get to it. Don't know how to do it but want to learn more? Great, let’s create a plan for you to learn it and excel at it and see how that develops into your role. 

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

Living in Northern Minnesota means you’ll find me outside as much as possible when we aren’t buried in snow. During the summers, I spend as much time as possible on the beaches of Lake Superior, camping in remote places or enjoying the short patio season at one of the areas local breweries. During the winter, you’ll find me in the kitchen, baking whatever sweets have been requested for the week. Regardless of the season, I spend the most of my time tending to my ever growing plant collection that has taken over most of the house. 

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Any and all National Parks will always take the top spot on my favorite travel destination, but they are constantly rotating based on which one I am missing the most. Arches National Park and Glacier National Park will both hold special places in my heart. There is something peaceful about being reminded how small and young we really are in the grand scheme.