Meet the Hubler

Lerri-Ann Williams

Lerri's focus is to uncover the challenges advisors face in their day-to-day routine and to provide education about how Hubly can improve process flows. Having run her own business, Lerri-Ann is no stranger to merging innovation and creativity to solve business bottlenecks.
Sales Development Representative Lead

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Static and dynamic content editing

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We sat down with
to ask
a few questions...
If you could switch your job with anyone else within Hubly, whose job would you want?

I would switch jobs with James on the Customer Success team. Working in presales gives me the opportunity to start building out customer relationships, but post sales is super cool because that’s where long-term ongoing relationships are built.

What is the one Hubly value that drives you the most?

The value ‘Speak Your Truth’ resonates with me. I believe in being respectfully candid and challenging people and myself, and that’s usually driven through honest conversations and reflection.

What fictional place would you like to visit and why?

This is such a hard question to answer! I’m going to cheat a little and say two places - Wakanda and Hogwarts. Wakanda because it’s beautiful and the technology is so cool and advanced. Hogwarts because I’ve been fascinated with Harry Potter since I was a kid and I’d love to learn magic.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently that you think everyone should read?

Atomic Habits! It transformed how I thought about goal setting and taking action. A standout quote is “When you’re in motion, you’re planning and strategizing and learning. Those are all good things, but they don’t produce a result. Action, on the other hand, is the type of behavior that will deliver an outcome." — James Clear.