Jake Milder from Oak street investments

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“Hubly allows us to quickly keep track of all the moving pieces when we are bringing a new family onboard. It’s just how we get our job done, on a day-to-day basis.”

Chris Conkell
Partner, Cahaba Wealth Management

Multi-Office Comprehensive Financial Planning

Multi-Office Collaboration - Streamline communication among your financial planning team.

Flexible Workflow - Curate custom flows based on client needs.

Eliminate Mistakes- Create single source of truth.

Hubly software floating around with client faces, Redtail CRM, and Wealthbox CRM

Bi-Directional CRM Integrations

No more to data re-keying with direct integrations with Redtail and Wealthbox CRM's.

Workflow Template library for financial advisory firms

Workflow Templates Library

Access and customize over 100+ workflow templates designed specifically for advisory firms.

Hubly software showing automatic RMD workflow trigger

Proactive Triggers & Automations

Date based workflow triggers designed to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

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