Introducing HUBLY

Take Control Of Your Advisory Practice

Built for Independent Financial Advisory Firms

Simple visual workflows for independent financial advisors

Not a CRM

You won't ever have to juggle your software across multiple tabs again. HUBLY works with your existing CRM to show you exactly which clients require your attention, helping you prioritize your tasks at a glance.

Single Client Profile

With Wealthbox CRM

HUBLY integrates with your CRM to make creating, finding, and updating client information easy. With this integration, advisors can access their entire client list and visually organize their practice.

Faster Contracts

With DocuSign

HUBLY makes sending and monitoring contracts a breeze. With this integration, advisors will be able to select and preview contract templates to seamlessly populate client information directly from their CRM, without ever having to switch screens.

Expedited Onboarding

With RightCapital

HUBLY makes it easy to set your clients up with a new account in your financial planning software. With this integration, advisors will be able to save time by simply selecting from existing client profiles in their CRM.

Smarter Billing

With QuickBooks Online

HUBLY saves you time and gets you paid faster with our billing integrations. With these integration, advisors will be able to set up new billing profiles, send, and monitor bills for their clients at a glance.

Boost productivity through simple, organized workflows
Your Mondays

Now More Productive

HUBLY shows you your entire practice at a glance. Our powerful dashboard tracks and updates you on client progress, showing you the tasks that need your attention on a single screen.

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Organize your financial advising practice through APIs
Forgetting Something?

We Know That Feeling

HUBLY visualizes important reminders and tasks, allowing advisors and their staff to stay in sync while staying on top of their clients' needs.

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Staying on top of the technology suite advisors juggle
Work Less, Do More

Manage Your Practice From Anywhere

HUBLY makes it easy to scale high-touch services with a platform that can be updated and configured on the go. Summarizing client tasks into one simple interface, HUBLY makes managing your business easier.

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