Hubly workflow technology on a laptop with bubbles around

What's slipping through the cracks?

Hubly revolutionizes practice management for financial advisory firms by bringing efficient processes, easy client tracking, and team collaboration into a single visual workspace.

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Hubly workflow technology on a laptop with bubbles around
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Using Hubly will allow me to service at least 20% more households than I could otherwise support. The time required to get things setup and running smoothly was likely paid off with improved efficiency within weeks.

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"Without Hubly we would be stepping on each other's toes. Hubly makes it easy to clearly determine who was responsible for what so that we no longer ask each other about the status of this and that."

Hubly customer headshot

"Right off the bat, our team found that our meeting prep work and follow-up work became more consistent. Hubly’s adaptability allows us to create a system that provides that consistency while still being flexible enough to accommodate each client’s unique needs."

David Shotwell
Shotwell Rutter Baer


Clients are receiving a more proactive service from their financial advisors because of Hubly.
Are your clients?

Delivering an exceptional client experience has never been easier

Easily provide an exceptional client experience with a visual dashboard to manage best-practice workflows, repeatable processes, important tasks, and individual client relationships.

Manage your firm from a single hub

Build dashboards to capture what is happening across your firm to visually see what is being worked on and what to prioritize each day.

Financial Advisory process categories in a dropdown menu

Find what you need at a glance

There are only so many relationships that you can juggle in your head. Hubly's client card gives you a single  source of truth for each client.

Hubly client card with a new client task being created

Start your day with clarity and purpose

Easily view your team's priorities and spot what needs your attention each day without getting lost in the noise.

Hubly hub feed showing overdue tasks, due tasks and upcoming tasks.  Overdue task is marked complete

Building workflows shouldn't be rocket science

Starting with Hubly is easy with over 60 best-practice workflow templates purpose-built for advisory firms.

List of different workflow templates for financial advisory firms

Reimagine Practice Management

Provide a proactive and consistent service to every client without sacrificing quality, tracking relationships in your heads, or losing sleep stressing about what's falling through the cracks.

Chart showing an increase in clients

Increase your firm's client capacity

Increase your onboarding capacity and serve more clients without sacrificing the client experience. Enjoy streamlined processes and client progress tracking that syncs instantly with your CRM.

Laptop open with Hubly and team members heads hovering around the computer working together and assigning tasks

Coordinate efficiently with your team

Streamline back-office operations and manage client service requests and case management across your firm while ensuring professionalism and quality.

Hubly on a laptop with team members hovering around the computer with assigned tasks
Hubly open on a desktop with clients being added into it
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Provide a consistent client experience

Create a system that provides consistency while still being flexible enough to accommodate each client's unique needs to provide a truly personalized service.

Create clarity through categorization

Categorize clients based on their service needs to quickly get up to speed on each client, conduct bulk actions, and stop running time consuming reports in your CRM.

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"Our workflows are more efficient because of Hubly, and dare I say fun!"
-Vincent R. Barbera, Newbridge Wealth Management