Dennis McNamara, wHealth Advisors
Dennis McNamara
Co-Founder, wHealth Advisors
"Hubly has quickly become the single most valuable tool in our firm’s tech stack."

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User Stories & Whitepapers

Hubly is used by over 500 financial service professionals. Read our customers stories to learn about the impact that Hubly has had on their financial advisory firms.
Wealth Mode Financial Planning

How Efficient Employee Onboarding Helped a Fee-Only Planner 4X His Revenue in Two Years

Employee Onboarding Case Study Title Page

"I was always thinking in terms of, 'how does this become easier next time? How do I make this more clear for somebody else?’"

-Justin Chidester

Phillips Financial Advisors

How James Used Hubly to Smash Through Barriers Preventing Business Growth

“My firm was growing at such a fast pace that I was worried about dropping the ball. I had post-it notes everywhere, pieces of paper I was writing lists on, and I was trying to use the current CRM’s and their workflows, but they just didn’t work for us.”

-James Phillips

Ridgeline Financial Partners

How Meghan’s Team of 5 Utilizes Hubly to Function like a Team of 10

“How much we are managing, from an ongoing client service standpoint, simply wouldn’t be possible without Hubly.”

-Meghan Rutherford

Structure Your Firm for Success

A Guide to Financial Advisors Looking to Scale their Business with Less Stress

Structure your advisory firm for success white paper

Growth doesn’t necessarily scale linearly as more people are added to the team. New staff still need to be integrated into existing processes — and if those processes can’t support an increased workload, the transition will come with significant growing pains.

"Helping our business go to the next level for service and office harmony!"
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"Best tool in our tech stack"
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