Frequently Asked Questions

Hear Hubly Users Answers to your questions

Who better to answer your burning questions about Hubly than the professionals who use it on a day to day basis? We sat down with Hubly users and asked them the most frequently asked questions that we get so that you can hear real answers, from real users.

FAQs – The Basics

What is Hubly?

Hubly is a process management system designed to provide efficiency and visibility across your financial advisory firm so that nothing will fall through the cracks. Track client progress from a single place and provide a consistent client experience at scale so that you to get the maximum efficiency out of your work day.

Is Hubly a CRM?

Hubly is not a CRM. In fact, Hubly syncs your existing client data from your CRM into a visual and organized workspace with easy-to-use workflows.
Think of it like the difference between a swimming pool and a waterslide — your CRM is where your data lives; Hubly is what makes it move.

What CRMs do you integrate with?

Hubly seamlessly integrates with Redtail and Wealthbox CRM to ensure client data flows back-and-forth quickly and securely.

You can learn more about our CRM integrations here.

What makes Hubly workflows to smart?

Hubly’s workflows make up the processes that move your business! They automatically delegate tasks based on the roles within your firm and different team members' workloads. They also provide the context needed to complete a task, removing back and forth communication, and automatically notify you when you need to complete a task. 

In addition, Hubly workflows can launch automatically based on client milestones, preventing you from needing to run time consuming reports or missing an important client date. All work completed in Hubly’s workflows is automatically recorded, making you audit ready without any additional work. 

Do I have to create all of my workflows from scratch?

We would never make you do that! Hubly provides you with over 100 plug and play workflow templates for your financial advisory firm's growing needs. We’ve also partnered with  organizations to expand our library even further.

All workflows are flexible and fully customizable to meet your firms specific business needs. Automations can start workflows for specific clients, trigger reminders and pass on tasks to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Is my data secure in Hubly?

We’re so serious about data security we have a whole other FAQs page dedicated to it. Get the answers to all your security and compliance questions here. 

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at

We will get back to you during regular business hours.

Hubly to saves hours on key processes

Financial Planner happy at desk

New client onboarding

Deliver a consistent onboarding experience across your entire firm and onboard multiple clients simultaneously while ensuring nothing is missed.

Woman happy at work with laptop open

Meeting prep & follow-up

View a single source of truth to track clients and receive automated reminders when you need schedule a client meeting or follow-up on an action item.

Husband and wife meeting with investment advisor in office to see stock growth

Account opening & money movement

Create a speedy account opening process that is standardized with your custodian so you can service more clients and prevent NIGOs.

Employee training & onboarding

Plug new employees directly into your firm's processes so that they can get up and running quickly and efficiently with minimal hand holding.