Frequently Asked Questions

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Hubly is not a CRM. We believe CRM's play a vital role in your firms technology stack. Our technology focuses on leveraging the data from your CRM to create powerful workflows that allow you to scale.

We integrate with Redtail CRM and Wealthbox CRM to ensure that client data flows freely, securely, and is always up-to-date.

Hubly delivers best-in-class workflows and process management that allows for service standardization, improved team collaboration, and the delivery of a consistent end-client experience. Our fully customizable workflows are purpose built for financial advisory firms, ensuring that you can personalize your financial planning experience to every client.

We are looking to work with the next generation of financial advisors that are challenging the status quo. All our financial advisory firms: - Are an unbiased fee only financial advisory firm - Are the quarterback to your client's holistic financial picture - Provide comprehensive financial planning & advice - Are trying to scale a consistent client experience - Are tired of industry agonistic workflow and task management software

All data transmitted between your computer (and your client’s computer) to and from Hubly’s servers is encrypted using industry standard TLS encryption. Our HTTPS implementation is rated A by Qualys Labs, an independent SSL server testing tool.

Hubly works with Zapier and leading CRMs to ensure that client data flows freely, securely, and is always up-to-date

We do not currently offer a free trial because we believe in being your operational partners in growth. We work hands on with every single advisory firm to ensure your workflows are setup and built for scale.

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