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Helping other financial advisory firms serve more clients better is just good karma. For every firm you refer that signs up with Hubly, you will each receive $100 towards your subscription*.

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Submit the contact details of a firm that you know would benefit from Hubly. Once you do our team will give them a call to see if Hubly is a good fit for them.

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Referral Program FAQ

Got a question about our referral program? We've got answers! If you have a different question, contact us via email.

What happens when I make a referral?

Once you've completed the Referral Form, the Hubly team will reach out to your referral directly and schedule a call to discuss their business challenges and goals. If there is a strategic fit and they sign up with Hubly, both you and the referral will receive $100 towards your subscription fee once onboarding is complete.

Can I make more than one referral?

Yes, you can make as many referrals to Hubly as you would like! As a result, you will receive $100 credit towards your subscription each time. We individually track every referral to ensure that you'll receive the appropriate discount after the onboarding process has been successfully completed by the new user.

Can I refer someone if I am not a Hubly user?

You, you can refer someone to Hubly even if you are not a Hubly user. However, the $100 credit towards your Hubly subscription is only available to current Hubly users and the referrals that they make.
* Applicable for new subscriptions activated on an annual contract. Discounts are applied towards the balance on the next renewal payment. Discounts are applied up to a maximum of one discount per firm referred. Discounts cannot be redeemed for a cash refund. These terms are subject to change at Hubly’s discretion.