Meet Busy Ben

Ben's firm is growing, but he has no time to hire new employees

To keep up with his firm's success, Ben needs
to hire and train new employees, but he is already
at capacity servicing his clients.

Ben's Employee Onboarding Challenges

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Ben worries that new employees won’t deliver the same level of service his clients expect. His processes are complicated, his tech stack is clunky, and training new staff on both involves a serious learning curve. He needs accurate documentation, repeatable processes and a scalable, coordinated way of bringing new hires onboard.

Ben's Dream...

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Ben dreams of growing efficiently. He wants to be able to plug new team members directly into the business, so they can get up and running without any hand-holding.

He wants a single source of truth that employees can access and know exactly how to perform client work from start to finish. Most of all, he wants all of this to happen without impacting the time he has to focus on serving his clientele.

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Ben discovered Hubly and
suddenly he saw that employee
onboarding could be easy


Unleash the power of
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Hubly Client Card with Automatic Task Assignment
Hubly client notes syncing with Redtail CRM

 Plug new employees into process to get them up and running quickly

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Reduce training time with easy-to-use workflows that new team members can start using from day one – allowing your firm to continue running like a well-oiled machine as you grow.

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Document and store SOPs in a standardized location

Hubly client card with task delegation

Create a single, centralized hub for your repeatable processes — allowing your firm to handle fast growth while continuing to deliver a consistent client experience at scale.

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Distribute work equitably with automated task delegation

Automate task assignments based on team members’ roles and workloads — ensuring your firm will run like a well-oiled machine, and that nothing will slip through the cracks.  

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Nick Nauta Financial Advisor
"[Hubly] gives us the advantage of bringing people on whether they have industry experience, whether they don't have industry experience, or whether they are just starting out their career."
- Nick Nauta, Shotwell Rutter Baer

Why use Hubly to onboard employees?

Remove Training Bottlenecks

Plug new employees into your firm’s systematized processes to get them up and running in record time.

Improve the Client Experience

Enjoy improved retention and referrals thanks to the dedicated, professional service your clients continue to receive.

Scale with
less stress

Delegate with confidence knowing employees have the resources and training they need to solve any problem.

Hear how Advisors use Hubly to
effectively onboard new employees

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Unleash the power of
effortless financial advisory

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