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Our partners play a pivotal role in this mission with a focus on best practices, trust-building, and workflow optimization, our partners ensure a seamless integration of Hubly's solutions, tailored to each firm's unique goals.

Hubly Onboarding to Meet your Firm's Needs

When you transition to Hubly, we ensure that we get your team up and running seamlessly. Your firm will be onboarded by our dedicated and knowledgeable team with a focused approach based on the specific needs of your advisory firm.

Expert Guidance

Our partners bring extensive knowledge and experience to every interaction, ensuring that new and existing firms receive the highest level of best practices advice and operations coaching

Proactive Engagements

With a proactive approach to engagement, our partners are dedicated to identifying opportunities for growth, addressing challenges, and ensuring a smooth, effective use of our platform tailored to each firm's needs

Hubly customer support team

Thought Leadership

Through the creation of compelling content, including workflows, blogs, and case studies, our partners showcase their expertise and contribute significantly to the knowledge base and success of the Hubly community.

Meet Our Operations Consulting Partners

Hubly can transform your firm practice management operations

With over a decade in financial services, Cooper excels in optimizing firm efficiency and supporting staff development. Transitioning from a broker-dealer to the RIA space, he's mastered roles from client service to practice management and has used that experience to speak on stage at advisor conferences and be a trusted coach to advisor coaching programs. Recognizing the transformative power of innovative solutions, he partnered with Hubly after experiencing its impact firsthand.

Cooper Shubert
Founder, Rockstar Righthand
Hubly can significantly increase your service capacity

Meghan is a financial services professional with 20+ years experience in a variety of roles including business development, operations, and client service. She was introduced to Hubly as a user of the software and has now partnered with Hubly to bring her knowledge to more firms.

Meghan Rutherford
Founder MKR Consulting
What does the onboarding process involve with a Hubly partner?

Our onboarding process, led by our experienced partners, is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of Hubly's solutions into your firm. This involves best practice training, trust-building, workflow design, and implementation, all tailored to your firm's specific needs and goals.

How often can we have check-ins with a Hubly partner?

Depending on the package you subscribe to you can schedule check-ins with your assigned Hubly partner. These sessions are designed to review your firm's progress, discuss any challenges, and explore further opportunities for leveraging Hubly's platform to meet your evolving needs.

How are Hubly partners assigned to firms?

Partners are assigned based on their expertise and the specific needs and goals of your firm. We ensure that the partner best suited to guide your firm through the onboarding process and beyond is selected, providing a personalized and effective support experience.

Can Hubly partners assist with specific workflow design and implementation?

Absolutely. Part of our partners' role is to help design and implement workflows that are optimized for your firm's operations. They leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure these workflows are set up for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Do I need to pay extra for access to partners?

No, you get access to a specific amount on session with one of our partners based on the package you subscribe to. Find out more by visiting our pricing page: https://www.myhubly.com/pricing

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at hello@myhubly.com

We will get back to you during regular business hours.

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