Back Office Hero Becki Johnson

Back Office Hero Becki Johnson

Becki is a superhero as a caring mother of four, a dedicated homeschool teacher, and a phenomenal and productive Administrative Assistant. According to monthly tasks completed in Hubly, Becki is one of the top 10 back office workers in Hubly.
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Becki has been married for almost 19 years and is a wonderful mom of four –  three boys and one girl – who she homeschools. Becki loves to run, and recently ran her first Half Marathon last year, and is currently training for another one this spring. Beyond being a mother and teacher, Becki also works part-time as an administrative assistant at Anita Ritter Financial.  Becki loves the atmosphere of the office and how supportive everyone is of one another. They currently have a team of six working together to give their clients wonderful service. 

Your operational super power: Critical Thinking
Game changing Hubly workflow:
Tie between Review Scheduling and RMD workflow
Total active clients you are supporting:
Roughly 300
Time saved per week since using Hubly:
Honestly, Immeasurable!!!

How did you get into an operational role?

Since I have four children that I homeschool I have mostly only worked evening jobs. Prior to having children I worked in customer service, then my current boss (Anita Ritter) made an offer I couldn’t refuse. She offered me a temporary position as an Administrative Assistant and I worked out the childcare. The position became permanent! 

I love finding and implementing things that can help us work more efficiently, so I tend to take on the job of working out the kinks and getting us to a point where we can work smoothly with new processes. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

Getting to know the clients and building relationships. We try to go over and above for our clients. When they call, we know who they are and what they have going on in life. We listen when they have something on their mind and they need to get it out. We love to make our clients feel appreciated and seen, not just an account list in our CRM. 

Another part of my job that I love is the friendships I have made with my coworkers. It is a great environment! We keep each other informed through Hubly, Teams, and email. Since I am a part time employee, and one of our team members works remotely three days a week, we need to communicate well so that when someone calls with a question or we are trying to find where we are in a process we don’t have to look very far. Hubly has helped tremendously with our note taking and workflows to keep information in one place so we can all be on top of each process and work efficiently. 

Are you more productive working remotely or in office? Why?

I am definitely more productive working in the office. I have four  children; Lucas 14, Brady 11, Gabe 9, and Lydia 4. I homeschool them as well (which is a whole different conversation) so when I am working from home I usually have them running around near me and that is a huge distraction. 

I do work remotely if for some reason I am unable to make it to the office. It is wonderful having that flexibility and all of us work remotely at one point or another.

Becki Johnson, back office hero at Anita Ritter Financial

What tools help you work better remotely with your team?

We use Teams to communicate which is a huge help when we are not all together in the office. Also, being able to use Hubly to assign tasks and reminders is very helpful.

What is the best part about your firm's culture?

We know each other well enough that we can freely communicate, have fun together, and count on each other. We pray together and for one another through times of struggle or even just a hard day. 

When someone is out of the office, for any reason, we step up to take care of what is urgent until they are able to get back to work. I keep saying it, but Hubly is a tremendous help in that department because we don’t have to spend our days off  telling someone what needs done and how. Instead, they can just go to the Hubly tasks and notes to see what needs to be done and how to do it. We try to make sure that someone’s day out of the office can be spent without worrying about what they will have piled up when they get back into the office.  

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Anita Ritter Financial is an independent, full-service, financial firm, dedicated to educating, empowering, and guiding their clients to help them achieve their financial objectives. With commitment, character, and compassion, they partner with their clients to form and implement a comprehensive financial plan that reflects their personal goals.

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