‍Hubly’s Best Time Saving Software Integrations for Financial Advisors‍

‍Hubly’s Best Time Saving Software Integrations for Financial Advisors‍

The demand for knowledge-based work isn’t going away, but to truly enable those who provide it to take full advantage of their time, it’s necessary for them to utilize software and its time-saving automations.
James Wheadon
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You may have heard people say; “you have the same 24 hours in a day as Albert Einstein did.” This is indeed true –  we all have the same amount of hours in a day. However, as someone who works in financial services, you work in a traditionally time-sensitive occupation that requires a great deal of both organization, and time management. Your work day is consumed by providing a personalized service to multiple different clients, managing your business, communicating with your team members, and tracking important tasks – all while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks – and we could go on. This makes it seem like the 24 hours you have in a day is not enough time to get everything done that you need to both run and scale a successful financial advisory firm. 

Here's some good news! Hubly’s software helps financial service professionals take back a slice of that 24-hour pie. Hubly’s fundamental aim is to help those who provide knowledge-based services to free up time by automating repetitive tasks that we as humans no longer need to do. The demand for knowledge-based work isn’t going away, but to truly enable those who provide it to take full advantage of their time, it’s necessary for them to utilize software and its time-saving automations.

Hubly re-imagines practice management for financial advisory firms by bringing easy-to-use workflows, better tracking, and seamless collaboration into a digital and efficient workspace.The following list outlines Financial Advisory Firms top time saving Hubly integrations, through Zapier, that allow them to spend their time on what matters most.

Email & Hubly Integration

Never Let Clients Fall Through the Cracks, with easy Communication tracking

One of the most simple and effective integrations is to connect your email platform to Hubly, via Zapier. 

Hubly does not yet record email communication in-app (see our roadmap to discover what new features  are coming!), but it does record the date of the last email you sent to each client. Imagine you are a sole advisor with 250 clients and you want to find a way to ensure you don’t go longer than six months without communicating with any one of your clients. With 250 clients, how are you going to possibly track when you need to touch base with them again – on top of everything else that you have going on. 

Hubly and Zapier work together to take care of this tedious task for advisory firm’s by automatically updating the “last meeting date” within each specific client card/record. Additionally, rules can be set up in Hubly so that a workflow is automatically started for a client if they have not been contacted after a specified period of time. Hubly’s software allows you to easily reach out to clients who otherwise would have fallen off your radar. 

You can automatically alert yourself when it's time to reach out to a client again with Hubly and Email integrations set up through Zapier.

Scheduling Software & Hubly Integration

Automate Your Client Check-in Process

Similar to our previous example, but more useful for surge meetings, automation of the Check-in Process is of great benefit to ensure that clients are met with on a regular, and scheduled basis. 

Using Zapier integrations with scheduling software, such as Calendly and ScheduleOnce, Hubly automatically captures when a client schedules a meeting and automatically kicks off the workflow associated with that meeting.  

"If I could wave a magic wand and eliminate one part of my job it would be data entry, which Hubly and Zapier have helped reduce through automation. For example, they automate the next client meeting Date and start the client meeting prep workflow when the client schedules a meeting through Calendly."

-Alison Miller, Client Service Associate at Per Stirling Capital Management

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If you are an advisory firm using Hubly, you can set up workflows to automatically populate the clients that you plan to meet with for a fall surge meeting (learn more about Hubly automatic client categorization here). You can then send out invitations to those specific clients to schedule a meeting with you via a scheduling software. Once the meeting is booked, Zapier pulls the meeting information into Hubly by recording the date, time and meeting type into their personalized client card – voila!  

When a client books a check-in meeting through a scheduling software, Hubly can automatically kick of your Client Check-in Workflow for that client.

The time saving doesn’t end there! Hubly’s in-app Workflow Automation Rules then propagate clients into a meeting preparation workflow, which can link up to additional workflows. If clients are categorized and tagged as Fall Surge meeting clients, this process will continue in perpetuity. 

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Website Leads & Hubly Integration

Automatically Capture New Leads and Referrals

For some financial advisory firms their prospective clients come through at a rate that is hard to keep up with. Managing the prospect process is time consuming and often daunting. Thankfully, with just a couple of Hubly integrations,  you can automate a large chunk of this process to ensure you follow up with new prospects in a timely manner. 

The integration works in the following way; when a prospective client schedules a meeting through your website, a new contact is automatically created in Hubly – removing the need to manually input their information. This new client instantly syncs directly into your CRM. Much like the previous automation, the meeting date, time, and type are also captured in Hubly. 

Ensuring that leads are followed up with in a timely manner is crucial to scaling your financial advisory firm.

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What happens next is different for almost all advisors, but we give you a head start by providing you with a collection of templated new user onboarding workflows. These workflows have been developed after spending time with hundreds of advisors and seeing how they have perfected this process. 

CRM Software & Hubly Integration

Activate your client data from your CRM to make it work for you

Hubly integrates seamlessly with both Redtail and Wealthbox CRMs by syncing data back and forth between the two softwares. This allows client data from your CRM to be turned into actionable opportunities in Hubly so that you can provide more customizable services without wasting time digging for client information. For example, a client's birthdate can be used in Hubly to set up age based rules so that you can provide a proactive service without even thinking. A popular age based rule is to automatically start an RMD workflow for a client six months before their 73rd birthday. 

Hubly aged based rules automatically kick off the client's RMD workflow 6 months before they turn 73

In addition, when you update a client's information in Hubly, it will automatically get updated in your CRM, removing the need for data rekeying while ensuring that your client information remains current and up to date. Other data that automatically syncs between Hubly and your CRM includes client notes so that you have a reliable track record of your client service in both Hubly and your CRM. Did we mention you can simply download a record of all of your notes for each client with the click of a button in Hubly? 

You can learn more about integrating your software with Hubly here.

Final Thoughts

With these top time saving Hubly integrations advisors are able to free up time for what matters most –  providing excellent value to their clients.

“With the time Hubly has saved me, I am able to focus on new projects that bring the client experience to new highs. At our firm, we constantly strive for the best, so Hubly has helped allow us to systematize our processes and focus on what else we can approve upon. “

-Alison Miller, Per Stirling Financial 

Automation is not the endeavor of eliminating work entirely. Rather, it’s about making smart decisions to take away repetition and time consuming tasks where no additional value is added. Hubly has quite literally delivered tangible results, to advisors and their teams, where they have saved precious time and money. As a result, they have been able to reinvest that straight back into their businesses. 

Is your financial advisory firm looking to save time on repetitive tasks?

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