Future Proof Announces Hubly as FintechX Finalist to Demo Cutting Edge Technology

Future Proof Announces Hubly as FintechX Finalist to Demo Cutting Edge Technology

Hubly was chosen as one of the top ten fintech companies to be featured at the inaugural FintechX to demo to showcase how our technology allows users to become future-proof.
Tessa Elliott
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This September marks the first ever Future Proof Festival – what is expected to be one of the largest wealth and fintech events ever. At the festival, FintechX demos will feature the most cutting edge fintech innovators live to thousands of financial professionals and industry leaders. Nominations were competitive with over 150 applications received and only room for ten. Hubly is proud to announce that we were selected among the top ten innovators.

While finance has long been considered among the slowest industries to adopt change and cutting edge tools, Future Proof will be putting 10 companies front and center who will flip that perception on its head. These ten companies are the following:

  • DFD Partners, an AI-based distribution platform enabling diverse fund managers to scale efficiently
  • Entrustody, a new asset custodian platform for financial advisors
  • Hubly, practice management technology platform that allows growing financial advisory firms to deliver an exceptional client experience
  • Intellifo’s RedBlack, portfolio rebalancing and trading platform
  • Onramp Invest, digital asset platform for financial professionals
  • Practifi’s Propel, a data analytics platform built specifically for wealth management executives
  • Skience’s Surveillance, a highly-configurable self-service compliance solution for enterprise wealth management firms
  • Venn By Two Sigma, cloud-based risk analysis tool and workspace solving for the increased demand for digital assets within multi-asset portfolios
  • VRGL, vertical SaaS technology that offers institutional-grade analytics and automated data extraction to empower wealth management firms to accelerate the client acquisition, proposal management & retention process
  • WealthAccess, a unified digital experience platform for enterprise wealth companies and their clients

The Future Proof festival will take place in Huntington Beach, California from September 11-14th.  FintechX demos will happen live on Tuesday, September 13th. You can read the full press release here.

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