A Look Back on a Year of Growth, Celebrations and Lessons

A Look Back on a Year of Growth, Celebrations and Lessons

Thank you for allowing us to grow along with you, and trusting us to help you deliver an exceptional experience to your clients.
Tessa Elliott
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2022 has been a year of continuous growth, creating connections, constant learning and celebrations at Hubly — and we’re equally excited for what’s to come! But before we jump into a new year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some major milestones of the past 12 months, both ours and, more importantly, yours.

Continuous Growth

When it comes to growth, we can talk numbers, or we can talk about people. In 2022, we saw more firms than ever using Hubly to provide a proactive and consistent experience to more and more clients. Prefer to talk numbers? Over 31,000 people in the United States are now receiving better advice thanks to Hubly and financial advisors like yourself.

In fact, Hubly users provided 34,319 client reviews in 2022. That’s a lot of people reaping the benefits of strong relationships with their advisors — and receiving more support to invest effectively and wisely.

With more efficient processes and workflows, many Hubly firms have grown in the past year. And at Hubly, we’ve grown, too. In fact, in 2022 we welcomed 13 new Hublers onboard, more than doubling our team size!

Creating Connection

Customer obsession is a core Hubly value. This year, we took that obsession to a new level, sending team members across the organization — from product to customer support to engineering —  to connect with Hubly users in person at conferences and other events.

We had a blast at the inaugural FutureProof festival, where we gave a live demo on stage, danced to BigBoi and handed out glow sticks to light up the night for the closing party. At XYPNLive, Hubly’s CEO and co-founder, Louis Retief, together with Linda Leitz and Dani Parris-Exline from Peace of Mind Financial, hosted a fireside chat on how to be a better boss — a topic which deeply resonated with members. 

In August, we held our first ever “co-location” week, where our international team connected in Vancouver, Canada for a week of brainstorming sessions and strategic planning. Of course, there was time for fun, too — including 6am ice dips (okay, ‘fun’ is maybe not the right word here), Italian dinners and bike rides along the seawall. 

A few Hublers made even bigger moves. This fall, we were happy to welcome to Vancouver our newest software engineer, Arthur Rodolfo, who relocated from Brazil to join us as a Canadian permanent resident. In fact, he arrived just in time for our holiday party — and the first snowfall of the year. 

Constant Learning 

We hire worldwide so we can provide a world-class product — and world-class support for you and your team. Another big part of that is constant learning. 

In working with and speaking to hundreds of financial advisory firms, we have strived to incorporate learnings and best practices back into our products. In other words, while we teach you, you teach us.

One major learning is that your operations are an ongoing investment, and we need to be your partner in helping you improve and reinvent your business as you grow.

To that end, we made Hubly faster and more responsive; we added automatic task assignment capabilities, and we built out more sophisticated user permissions. We also completely rebuilt our training program — instead of onboarding new users, we now provide continuous training, to new and experienced users, to match your business’ continued success. 

Hubly statistics from 2022


We are excited to announce that we ended  the year with a $1.45M funding top-up from Mucker Capital, OCA Ventures and Cascade Investment, LLC. Thanks in part to that funding, we were able to add a new member to our executive leadership team — JD Davis, who joined us in November in the new role of Chief Growth Officer. 

But enough about us! This past year, many Hubly users have had their own successes worth celebrating. While we would love to mention each and every one of you, we thought we would start by shining a spotlight on a few recent achievements. 

Some recent successes of Hubly users!

Dani Parris-Exline 
Dani joined Peace of Mind Financial in 2020 after a 20 year career in human resources. This year Dani not only became a Certified Financial Planner®, but also a co-owner of the firm, alongside founder Linda Leitz. 

Summer Baskin
Summer Baskin, founder of Anchor Wealth, successfully sold her firm this year to Dash Wealth. 

Adrianne Gordon
Adrianne was named CEO of Davis Financial Planning after nearly two years as their operations director. As their operations director, Adrianne focused on the systems, tools and processes needed to achieve their long and short-term goals — which clearly she excelled at!

Your New Year's Resolution: Rate and Refer Your Favorite Practice Management Solution

With a larger team, funding-top up and an amazing community of customers and partners, we are fired up for 2023. If you are enjoying Hubly and wish to continue supporting our goal of making financial professionals happier and more productive, you can do the following;

Thank you for allowing us to grow along with you, and trusting us to help you deliver an exceptional experience to your clients. Happy New Year!

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