How Efficient Employee Onboarding Helped a Fee-Only Planner 4X his Revenue in Two Years

Justin Chidester
Owner, Wealth Mode Financial Planning
Justin Chidester
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Meet Justin

Justin Chidester is a fee-only financial planner and owner of Wealth Mode Financial Planning, a comprehensive financial planning firm in Logan, Utah. Justin helps young professionals and families live their best financial lives by providing service-based advice virtually across the United States. Justin’s work has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, MarketWatch, and many more - he’s just getting started! 

The Challenge

Justin built his financial planning firm never anticipating he would need to hire internal staff. When COVID-19 hit, Justin experienced an influx of clients seeking to secure their financial future, mainly through his niche service offering of student loan repayment plans. Prior, Justin had already operated at capacity, and as a result, decided to hire his first intern to assist him with the administrative workload. 

Scaling his firm and adding additional team members wasn’t easy. Justin’s biggest bottleneck became onboarding new employees, training, and getting them up to speed to meet client needs as quickly as possible. 

“When you have a service-based business, and you start to serve a lot of people, you hit a point where you cannot truly hold in your head everybody’s lives and when specific services become due throughout the year. I found myself desperately needing a system that could help me manage a growing book of clients and provide a consistent value.”

Justin had documented workflows that he used but needed a way to systematize them and make them visible to team members in different locations. 

The Solution

Hubly has allowed Justin to fundamentally invest in his workflows early on. Hubly empowered Justin not only to build workflows, but to instead design a system of documented workflows that worked simultaneously together. This has allowed Justin to seamlessly “plug and play” new hires into existing processes with little to no manual training.

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