How Meghan’s Team of 5 Uses Hubly to Function like a Team of 10

Meghan Rutherford
Managing Director of Operations, Ridgeline Financial Partners
Meghan Rutherford
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The Challenge

The team at Ridgeline Financial Planning Partners is small in terms of numbers, but large in terms of assets and responsibilities. The small but mighty team of 5, two being financial planners, was responsible for an astounding amount of active clients — 700 to be precise. This number didn’t even include the additional 150 clients that they were getting ready to retain from a firm that they acquired in 2021. Beyond taking on a surplus of clients, they were also getting ready to welcome  three additional team members. This exciting next stage of growth brought about increased responsibility and the need to get their home-base organized. 

Known by their clients for their stellar client experience, Ridgeline Financial Partners had to ensure that they could maintain their high-level client experience with this new surge of growth. However, without the technology to efficiently document their existing processes, track client progress, and train new team members, they risked having things fall through the cracks.

For years, Meghan’s team had solely relied on their CRM and an “Excel spreadsheet matrix” to manage everything in their firm, from meeting preparation to annual RMDs. Without a central hub to operate their business from, it became difficult to stay in sync and feel in control — a problem they knew would only multiply with the addition of 150 new clients and three team members. 

“I had to try to ensure tasks were getting done and being documented. I felt the stress of this because I was the hub that everything was coming through and it wasn’t sustainable.

The Solution

Meghan came across Hubly when she watched Redtail’s Integration Announcement and saw how Hubly tracked every piece of the advisory puzzle. She immediately thought, “this is the answer for us.”

Hubly has allowed Meghan to ...

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