Community Onboarding

Live online training led by a Hubly Workflow Expert. Learn how to optimize Hubly to suit your firm's needs, best practices for getting started, and have all of your questions answered live.

Starting at just $500 per firm
Hubly software floating around with client faces, Redtail CRM, and Wealthbox CRM

Community Onboarding Benefits

  • Learn best practices for getting started
  • Have all of your questions answered in real time
  • Live support throughout your Hubly training
  • Opportunity to schedule additional training sessions as needed
  • Re-register into future sessions as your team grows — attend as many times as you want!

Hubly is your partner in delivering the next generation of financial advice

Our three week onboarding process is designed with a hands-on, customer focused approach to ensure a smooth transition that aligns with you and your teams needs.

Session 1

Hubly Fundamentals

Week 1: 1 hour

We will start you and your firm off by activating your new Hubly account and connecting it to your CRM. We will walk you through how to use Processes, Workflows and the Client Card in Hubly.

After this training, you and your team will be able to start working with real clients in Hubly and begin moving outstanding work in progress into your Hub.

Session 2

Workflow Customization

Week 2: 1 hour

Learn how to start your day in Hubly so that it is easy to stay focused on priorities and feel in control of your day. You will also learn how to customize workflows for your individual client's needs and how to categorize your clients so that you can proactively stay on top of their needs as your business grows.

Client card showing a list of financial planning tasks, client data, and workflows
Client card open showing clients tasks and reminders

Session 3

Prioritization & Automations

Week 3: 1 hour

Explore the different Hubly features that allow you to stay organized and quickly see which work needs your attention. We will finish the session off by helping you set up automations, such as automatic workflow triggers and task reminders, so that you can remove the guesswork from your workday.

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“Hubly’s onboarding process is fantastic (especially compared to the “here’s a 30 minute demo and a link to our help files” approach of most advisor tech providers) . Hubly scheduled several sessions to help me fully understand the capabilities, get up to speed, and start implementing the software and improving my practice fast.”
Steve Cruice
Steve Cruice
Simply Steward
Using Hubly will allow me to service at least 20% more households than I could otherwise support. The time required to get things setup and running smoothly was likely paid off with improved efficiency within weeks.
“My partner and I searched far and wide for a solution that could keep us on task for managing both our clients and our business. After a pleasant and productive onboarding experience, Hubly has quickly become the single most valuable tool in our firm’s tech stack.”

How James Phillips Used Hubly Workflows to Smash Through the Barriers Preventing Business Growth

James estimates that his firm was losing out on $15K monthly revenue increase per month and knew that he needed to increase the firm’s onboarding capacity in order to keep up with demand for their services.

However, he needed to do so without foregoing the client care and effective processes he had worked so hard to develop over the years.

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"Our workflows are more efficient because of Hubly, and dare I say fun!"
-Vincent R. Barbera, Newbridge Wealth Management