Full Service Onboarding

Designed to get your team up and running smoothly in Hubly. Get the white-glove treatment with a custom Hub build-out, personalized workflows, and a bespoke one-on-one training led by a Hubly Workflow Expert.

Starting at $3,000 per firm
Hubly software floating around with client faces, Redtail CRM, Wealthbox CRM and task reminders

Benefits of  Full Service Onboarding

  • Improve efficiencies and better understand the nature of your business
  • Save time by having our team of experts build customized workflows for you
  • Tailored training focused on addressing your firms challenges

Hubly is your partner in delivering the next generation of financial advice

Hubly's high-touch onboarding is virtual, flexible, and can be tailored to each firm so that you are training at a pace that matches your own.
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Session 1


Week 1: 1 hour

We understand your business is complex, we take the time to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs to make Hubly work for you. Your onboarding team will help review the implementation timeline, define your business goals, and establish a definition of success.

Session 2

Product Orientation

Week 2: 1 hour

Get started in Hubly by learning how to navigate your personalized Hub.  We'll sync your clients from your CRM into Hubly so that you can activate their data to provide a customized service experience.

Hubly open on a desktop with two crm logos, Wealthbox and Redtail
Hubly client card with a list of tasks and a blue blob behind it

Session 3

Planning Better Workflows

Week 3: 1 hour

Review the custom-built workflows that were created specifically for your firm's needs. Learn how to leverage task functionality to optimize your workflows and work smarter.

Session 4

Saving Time with Automations

Week 4: 1 hour

Our training process is customized to your needs and designed to set you and your team up for long-term success at scale. Once the Hub is built out, your team will receive weekly training on how to use and effectively collaborate on Hubly.

Creating an automation rule to start next workflow for active clients

Session  5

Team Collaboration

Week 5: 1 hour

Start leveraging Hubly as your single source of truth for your firm so that you can work more collaboratively, effectively delegate tasks, improve communication, and manage workloads.

Session  6

Hubly Check-in

Week 9: 1 hour

We'll give your firm a few weeks to get into the flow of things before we reconnect with a check-in call. This call is to ensure that your team is fully optimizing Hubly to bring your firms productivity to the next level. We will answer additional questions and discuss best practices.

Hubly Expert James Wheadon smiling in a Hubly t-shirt

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"Hubly’s onboarding program was the guide we needed to keep the new Hubly experience going in our office. Adding a new program can be a daunting task. Hubly has thought this out and is there as a guide for success."
Jill Erman
Jill Erman
Erman Financial
“The Hubly software is intuitive, but what really stands out is the training. We have gotten a ton of value from the Hubly team in not only how to use the actual software but also in helping us think about how to maximize its usefulness in our practice. Their insight based on what has worked and what hasn’t for other firms is a plus.”
John Scherer
John Scherer
Trinity Financial
"We have found the team to be incredible in understanding our needs and our current challenges with our existing CRM and we are now in a much better position to service our growing client base without the fear of not following through on our value proposition."

James Phillips 10X clients onboarded per week

James estimates that his firm was losing out on $15K monthly revenue increase per month and knew that he needed to increase the firm’s onboarding capacity in order to keep up with demand for their services.

However, he needed to do so without foregoing the client care and effective processes he had worked so hard to develop over the years.

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-Vincent Renaut, Cambridge Cape Cod AdvisorsNewbridge Wealth Management