Starting at
subscription fee per user
additional support fee
CRM integration (Wealthbox and Redtail)
100+ plug-and-play workflow templates
Flexible and customizable workflows
Time saving automations
Auditable client service records
Live human support from industry experts
Starting at
subscription fee per user
additional support fee
CRM integration (Wealthbox and Redtail)
100+ plug-and-play workflow templates
Flexible and customizable workflows
Time saving automations
Auditable client service records
Live human support from industry experts
Productivity Calculator

Calculate Hubly's ROI for your firm

*Based on Hubly saving each team member 6 hours of work per week.

Getting started with Hubly is easy

Your firm can get up and running with Hubly in no time thanks to our flexible onboarding options, seamless CRM integrations, and plug-and-play workflow templates.

Onboarding and support from industry experts

You’ll be taught by Hubly workflows experts who have financial industry experience — many were once Hubly customers themselves! They’ve walked the walk and have the in-depth knowledge to set Hubly up in a way that makes sense for your firm.

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Hubly Onboarding to Meet your Firm's Needs

When you transition to Hubly, we ensure that we get your team up and running seamlessly. Your firm will be onboarded by our dedicated and knowledgeable team with a focused approach based on the specific needs of your advisory firm.

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Community Onboarding

Teams of 4 or less
Starting at $500 per firm

Transition seamlessly into Hubly with our interactive virtual training. You will participate in three training sessions with other like-minded financial service professionals, providing an opportunity to expand your network and share best practices and learnings.

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Full Service Onboarding

Teams of 5 or more
Starting at $3,000 per firm

The larger your firm, the more complicated your service offering is. Hubly's Full Service Onboarding includes tailored workflow build-out and personalized training designed for your firm's needs. Our experts do the heavy lifting to get you and your team up and running quickly.

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Integrations with your CRM and favorite platforms

Connect Hubly to Redtail or Wealthbox CRMs as well as over 2000+ other softwares using Zapier. Popular integrations include Calendly, Gmail, and Mailchimp.

View all integrations
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Plug-and-Play workflow templates to get started fast

Starting over from scratch is daunting. At Hubly we make it easy to get up and running from the start with over 100 plug-and-play workflow templates purpose-built for financial advisory firms.

Man sitting in a chair reading a blog post on computer
My stress level has gone way down. I can just go to the Hub and get peace of mind.
Hubly client headshot
Jacquie Webster, CFP®
Cahaba Wealth Management
I spent yesterday getting into Hubly and making workflows our own – I even have some clients set up! I really wish I had known about Hubly earlier.
Hubly client headshot
Anne Beaulieu
Hubly is the answer to our firm's SWAN (sleep well at night) client experience. The exceptional Hubly support team has been there to help us design, develop, and implement the workflows that keeps us operating at our fullest potential and give us an edge in the ever-increasingly complex financial industry.
Using Hubly will allow me to service at least 20% more households than I could otherwise support.
"Without Hubly we would be stepping on each other's toes. Hubly makes it easy to clearly determine who was responsible for what so that we no longer ask each other about the status of this and that."
"I mean really, the best part about Hubly for me is that I can confidently say that things are not slipping through the cracks anymore"
Hubly client headshot
Vincent Renaut CFP®
Cambridge Cape Cod Advisors
"Right off the bat, our team found that our meeting prep work and follow-up work became more consistent. Hubly’s adaptability allows us to create a system that provides that consistency while still being flexible enough to accommodate each client’s unique needs."
Hubly client headshot
David Shotwell CFP®
Shotwell Rutter Baer
"We have found the team to be incredible in understanding our needs and our current challenges with our existing CRM and we are now in a much better position to service our growing client base without the fear of not following through on our value proposition."
Hubly client headshot
Matthew Carbray CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®
Ridgeline Financial Partners
“The Hubly software is intuitive, but what really stands out is the training. We have gotten a ton of value from the Hubly team in not only how to use the actual software but also in helping us think about how to maximize its usefulness in our practice. Their insight based on what has worked and what hasn’t for other firms is a plus.”
Hubly client headshot
John Scherer CFP®
Trinity Financial
“Hubly’s onboarding process is fantastic (especially compared to the “here’s a 30 minute demo and a link to our help files” approach of most advisor tech providers) . Hubly scheduled several sessions to help me fully understand the capabilities, get up to speed, and start implementing the software and improving my practice fast.”
Hubly client headshot
Steve Cruice
Simply Steward
"Hubly’s onboarding program was the guide we needed to keep the new Hubly experience going in our office. Adding a new program can be a daunting task. Hubly has thought this out and is there as a guide for success."
“My partner and I searched far and wide for a solution that could keep us on task for managing both our clients and our business. After a pleasant and productive onboarding experience, Hubly has quickly become the single most valuable tool in our firm’s tech stack.”
Hubly client headshot
Dennis McNamara CFP® CHFC® AIF® CSLP®
wHealth Financial Advisors
"Hubly makes it much easier for us to consistently serve our clients. Things automatically pop in to our queue for review and that way we get to focus more on client work than on internal processes."
Hubly client headshot
Galen Herbst de Cortina
Buff Your Finances
"Hubly is a great software backed by an amazing team. It makes juggling the 1000's of daily tasks an advisor has easy."
Hubly client headshot
Josh Bennett CFP®, EA
Vincere Wealth Management
“I want to grow my practice to meet my full earning potential and serve my clients well, and Hubly helps me do that by making me efficient and organized.”
“The workflows are based on the client lifecycle so I have different workflows for each meeting during the initial planning process. I can easily visualize where clients are at in each stage and step, as it is designed from a client lifecycle standpoint.”
Hubly client headshot
Levi Sanchez CFP®, CPWA®, BFA™
Millenial Wealth
"For me, Hubly keeps me sane. I can look at one place and see where my clients are in the process, what I have to do today, and what is coming up"‍‍
Hubly client headshot
Alyssa Lum, MBA, CFP®
Luminate Financial Planning
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"Helping our business go to the next level for service and office harmony!"
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"Best tool in our tech stack"
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What is Hubly?

At Hubly, we do the heavy lifting. We don't believe in being just another software product in a large technology stack. To ensure that Hubly is utilized across your firm, we provide a flexible onboarding experience based on what is best for you and your firm.

Our onboarding is designed to get you up and running quickly. One of the biggest benefits of adding Hubly to your tech stack is that it helps you do more with the software you already have — gaining efficiency across the board. Finally a piece of software that you can get excited about implementing into your practice!

Is Hubly a CRM?

Hubly is not a CRM - it's a workflow management tool that activates your client data from your CRM and turns it into an organized information stream. Saving you hours of back-office work each week!

What CRMs do you integrate with?

You can seamlessly connect Redtail or Wealthbox CRM with Hubly.

You can learn more about our CRM integrations here.

What makes Hubly workflows to smart?

Hubly’s workflows make up the processes that move your business! They automatically delegate tasks based on the roles within your firm and different team members' workloads. They also provide the context needed to complete a task, removing back and forth communication, and automatically notify you when you need to complete a task. 

In addition, Hubly workflows can launch automatically based on client milestones, preventing you from needing to run time consuming reports or missing an important client date. All work completed in Hubly’s workflows is automatically recorded, making you audit ready without any additional work. 

Do I have to create all of my workflows from scratch?

We would never make you do that! Hubly provides you with over 100 plug and play workflow templates for your financial advisory firm's growing needs. We’ve also partnered with  organizations to expand our library even further.
All our workflows are flexible and fully customizable to meet your firm’s specific business needs. Automations can start workflows for specific clients, trigger reminders and pass on tasks to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

We provide hands on onboarding with our Workflow Experts . They help you customize your workflows to meet your firms specific business needs as well as set up automations to make your processes more streamlined and efficient than ever.

Is my data secure in Hubly?

We’re so serious about data security we have a whole other FAQs page dedicated to it. Get the answers to all your security and compliance questions here. 

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at

We will get back to you during regular business hours.