How to Work Insurance Reviews into Your Client Onboarding Meetings

May 25, 2023

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Working insurance into the client onboarding experience creates additional value to your clients while also allowing you to gain exposure to more areas of their financial lives. To show you how to add insurance into your client onboarding process, Hubly has teamed up with Policygenius Pro, an industry leader in end-to-end insurance fulfillment. 

Webinar Overview

In  this webinar, Andy Baxter from Policygenius Pro shows you how to walk your clients through insurance quotes from top-rated carriers, make a coverage recommendation and reveal the workflow template that makes it that much easier. 

This insightful webinar covers the following topics;

1. Common challenges with insurance reviews
2. The benefits of including insurance within client onboarding meetings
3. How to easily provide insurance options and streamline insurance reviews during the client onboarding process 

Common Challenges with Insurance Reviews

  1. Clients going to third party providers for their insurance needs, instead of you
  2. Overlooking the benefits of including insurance within holistic financial plans
  3. Legacy term life insurance solutions are time-intensive and lack transparency

Benefits of including insurance reviews during the client onboarding process

  1. Additional touch points & deeper client relationships
  2. Ensuring your clients have adequate protection for the plan you've created
  3. Quick win to build trust with your client

Incorporating Insurance Reviews into the Client Onboarding Experience with Hubly workflows

Utilize the power of Hubly and Policygenius Pro together to efficiently bring insurance reviews into your client onboarding experience. With Hubly’s templated Onboarding Process, or your own, you can guide and track clients through their onboarding journey and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. 

During the onboarding process, you can kick off Policygenius Pro’s workflow that has been templated by their experts just for your convenience. The workflow template includes all of the steps and task details to enable you to provide an insurance review to your client – so you can just plug and play. 

Hubly users can download thePolicygenius Pro workflows directly to their Hub – just message our team in the app’s chat if you need help! If you are not yet a Policygenius Pro user, you can get started here

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