Proving Your Value: Mastering Client Prospecting and Engagement

May 4, 2023

Talk to a Workflow Expert

This fireside chat and live demo with Scott Benjamin, from Firethorn Wealth Partners, discusses how to prove your value to prospects and clients throughout their entire journey using the power of fpPathfinder and Hubly. Gain an understanding of how you can showcase your value in order to turn prospects into clients, and how to engage with current clients to always keep the conversations new and relevant.

What you will learn

✅ How to create a strong foundation for your client prospecting strategy by streamlining processes and utilizing resources
✅ How to customize your prospecting experience to make each individual feel special and heard
✅ How to demonstrate your value to prospects before they become clients – and once they become clients

Learn from industry professionals on how to optimize your prospecting and engagement strategies using fpPathfinder and Hubly.

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