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Redtail CRM

 & Hubly

Hubly’s and Redtail's integration makes it so that client data syncs back and forth between the two softwares. This allows client data from Redtail to be turned into actionable opportunities in Hubly to provide more customizable services. This ensures that your client data is always up-to-date and removes the need to update client information across both systems.

Providing a better Client Experience is Even Easier with Redtail and Hubly's Integration

  • Sync all of your clients information such as; client contact information, tag groups, household information, household members, and client notes
  • Eliminate manual steps of rekeying client information such as meeting dates, address changes, birthdays, phone numbers, completed workflows, and meeting notes
  • Turn client data from Redtail into actionable opportunities in Hubly and provide more customizable services
  • Up-to-date client data automates how your clients move through Hubly workflows

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Redtail Integration FAQ

How are Hubly workflows different than Redtail workflows?

Redtail takes a very structured approach to Workflow management, while Hubly is built entirely around flexibility — allowing you to make changes and customize Workflows for individual clients needs. This is well suited for many Workflows detailing key financial planning and advice processes, where the needs of every client are different. Hubly allows you to record these changes by customizing a workflow’s steps, as well as the order in which these steps need to be completed. Hubly also presents a visual overview of all of your ongoing work in progress.

Can our Redtail workflows be adapted to work in Hubly?

Absolutely, many new users choose to use their existing workflows as a starting point. When you get started with Hubly, our team works with you to identify which of the workflows that you already have in Redtail would make sense to migrate into Hubly. Our team also reviews these workflows and improves upon them for you with known best practices, while moving them into Hubly for you.

Will Hubly allow us to keep building upon our client records built in Redtail, or do we need to start from scratch?

We take what you have in Redtail and build upon it to make it work for you in Hubly. We also have a function that allows you to record your work completed in Hubly, back to Redtail.

Do tasks in Hubly workflows need to be completed in order? 

You do not need to check off a task in order to move forward in a workflow, you can skip tasks and even rearrange them as needed. This ensures that you only mark completed the work that you actually do, helping your workflows become a compliant service record for every client.

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